Motivate your kids

So how do you get kids motivated to be active, especially those who aren’t natural athletes? The key is finding activities they enjoy. The options are many, from running and inline skating to tennis and swimming. When kids find an activity that’s fun, they’ll do it a lot, get better at it, feel accomplished, and […]

The importance of warming up

Ever since I was little and had P.E in school and played football, I learned to always warm-up before training. It’s something we’ve always done, even though many people don’t really know why or if it’s needed. There are still lots of discussions about the importance of warming-up. From own experience I usually feel both […]


HIIT – High Intensity Interval Training has become a very popular form of training. A reason for this is that we live in a society where every second counts and our lives are often quite stressful. HIIT is a very time efficient workout and very easy to perform as it is enough with the body […]

Working out at home

Many people think that they have to go to a gym to be able to strength train and therefore don’t do it at all as it can be very time consuming to get to the gym 2-3 times a week. However, exercise can be very simple and you can train the whole body very efficiently […]