My name is Peter Sjöberg and I’ve been working with health & fitness for 20  years. I’m 42 years old from Gothenburg, Sweden.

I’m very passionate about health & fitness and to help people achieve their dream goals. Being able to influence other people’s lives for the better and make people understand that exercise is fun is very stimulating to me. My mission is to simplify fitness and health to get you to feel healthier, happier, fitter and stronger.

My Education

  • Bachelor of Sports Science – Mid Sweden University
  • Physical Education Teacher – Mid Sweden University
  • Online Trainer Certification – OTA
  • Personal Trainer – Personal Training School
  • Nutrition Coach – Personal Training School
  • Precision Nutrition Certification – Precision Nutrition
  • Nutrition for children & youth athletes – SISU idrottsutbildarna
  • Mental training – SISU idrottsutbildarna
  • 3D Performance – 3D Funktion
  • Strength & Conditioning Training – World Football Academy
  • Running Coach – The Swedish Athletics Association
  • Functional Athletic Movement – SAFE Education
  • TRX instructor – FIT
  • Sports Injuries – SISU idrottsutbildarna

You can always reach me on EMAIL, INSTAGRAM or FACEBOOK.

See you soon!

Coach Peter